Unit – A players bet size. Determined by your bankroll and unit system.

Take A Price – Bet the underdog, take the points.

Whale Bet – A bet that someone is extremely confident in. The closest thing to a “Guaranteed lock”.

Straight Bet – A straight bet is a single bet placed on its own bet slip.

Spread – A number determined by oddmakers to create an active and balanced market for both sides of a wager. This means that the favorite of the game needs to defeat their opponent by more than the point spread in order for the bet to win.

Push – A push occurs when the final score lands on the exact spread or total so neither side of the wager wins. In this case the wager is returned to you for no loss or gain.

Pick ’em – When a game is a Pick ‘em, it means that there is no favorite or underdog.  Odds-makers believe that neither team has an advantage over the other.

Parlay –  A parlay is when a bettor combines two or more bets on the same bet slip. This earns a higher payout if all of their picks win, however, If one of the bets loses, the whole parlay loses.

Over/Under –  When betting on an over/under, you are betting on the final score of the game.

*For example, if you bet on Yankees/Redsox Over 9, you win the bet if both teams combined score is over 9 runs in the game. If the final score adds up to a total of 9 runs then it is a push & you get your money back. Anything under a total of 9 runs and you lose the bet.*

Moneyline –  Betting on the moneyline means you are betting purely on the team to win straight up.  There are no spreads with money line bets.